Fat Clemenzas
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About Fat Clemenzas

We grew up in a very ethnic Italian neighborhood with great, local Italian restaurants. We were missing that here, so we decided to build our own. We don’t compromise on food quality whatsoever. We go to great lengths to find the best food products we can all over the world. A lot of the products come from Italy—olive oils, plum tomatoes, sheet pasta, flour from Naples by the pallet, and our sausage comes from Chicago twice a week.

All of our foods are prepared under strict guidelines.
Maintaining recipe quality and consistency is a very important thing with us.

We grew up eating linguini and clams at a restaurant in Chicago that we thought was the best anywhere – and it was! Because you knew you could come back to that same restaurant five years later and order the linguini and clams and it would taste exactly the same as it did when you last had it. That’s the way we are! That’s what we love! So that’s why we try to maintain that quality and consistency.

My grandparents are from New Orleans and we have incorporated some of those influences into the cuisine by using some very mild spices and different kinds of cooking techniques – blending, grated orange zest on Veal Marsala – things we include in our recipes. We’re proud of what we do and we set a high standard for classical Italian food in a neighborhood environment. But what I enjoy the most is that everyone thinks this is just a pizza place until they get here…

Reservations Encouraged – 850.650.5980